The brand was founded by a Russian perfumer, doctor, artist, Yanina Yakusheva, in 2015. Its main idea is to translate the concept of “perfume” into a new plane. From an item  for personal use to an object that is able to interact with other objects and society.

Having received a classical medical education, Yakusheva worked as a doctor for several years, while retaining her desire to return to experimental research activities.  Acquaintance with perfumery ingredients occurred in 2014. Interest was based on an attempt to use them as a basis, as a material for creating a new form.
Perfumery has become an area in which the lines of design, aesthetics and biological essence intersect.  it is this essence, the liveliness that plays a key role in the perfume brand of Yanina Yakusheva.

2015 The art and technology of perfumery in Perfumers World International School, Bangkok.
2017 The technology of production of the perfumery and cosmetic products in Kuban State Technological University.
2018 Participation in the international exhibition The Scent, Dubai.
2019 Personal exhibition in Paris—Idol Gallery, dedicated to the idols of the past and their impact on modern society.
2015–2019 Work on art projects in the field of perfumery.
2019- 2020 Creating of the first factory niche perfumes collection " Yanina Yakusheva Perfumes" Made in France.​