Since the early 1990s the world is undergoing  a transition from postmodernism to metamodernism. 
Postmodernism is characterized by the loss of values, authorities, deconstructive irony and  cynicism. Instead of destroyed sense the humanity has got emptiness. 


In 2010 philosophies and  scientists Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Accer introduced the term of metamodernism the basis of which was the return of previous sense and values  but not from a standpoint of the  faith in them, but  of a game. The Internet  and technologies embody the reality which at the same time exists and not.


The bright example of metamodernist productive dialog is the “remix”, when the borrowed pre-existing unities are converted into a new  playback.  As a result something  new and  elegant appears. To be more certain one can watch the spectrum of movements from old to new – from the pre-existing unity to its transformed version. Remix is at the same time the absence of a new creation and its presence.   

Our aim is to identify the key figures of the past, to restore them by the visual means, aromas and to propose them to the public but under the new conditions.


We are sure  that after a while, due to technologies every personality from the past will be offered a new role in the present.

Reformers, real geniuses, talented people are supposed to come back in new roles to fill the emptiness of postmodernism.