" The Scent " Dubai 2018

“The First”
Milk, coconut, peach, Gardenia, musk, leather, vanilla.
What a man remembers from the moment of his birth is scents. The first olfactory experience is undoubtedly connected with one’s mother and might be carried through the whole life.
But under the influence of technological and digital development a man may be tempted to rupture his links with the past, affection and kinship. What is the future of a man without the past? What is the future of the humanity as a whole?
1и 2 “The Dialog”
The composition - a meeting of 2 women with different backgrounds. Their perspective on the past and future.
 Part 1 (Tuberose)– the theme of white flowers. It brings us back to the carefree youth. It has a minimum of base notes, it’s light, woven of fluffy notes of gardenia, tuberous, white chocolate, coconut, peach, sandal, cedar. The aroma has neither past nor bounds, it’s open and naïve, it aspires to know.
 Part 2 – the aroma is based on the experience gained from a long and winding road. We can see a woman deprived of lightness. She is rather complicated as well as deep and interesting. The key notes are iris root, honey, chocolate, patchouli, Damask rose, completed by wet ,humid, leather notes of black tea. The opulence of serenity, contemplation, deep affection and wisdom.
 It’s devoted to the cities, influenced by various cultures. The cities that managed to save the values of these cultures like phantomes. And in spite of the new history all the ghosts still exist being a natural part of a new look of the cities. Floral and woody composition based on the equilibrium of European flowers and Orient woody and musky chords. Narcissus, jasmine, rose, iris, patchouli, woody notes of sandal, wood, musk, amber.

 I’s a modern, urban, unisex aroma. It reveals the theme of a modern person at the era of globalization and technologies. The concept of gender and culture takes a back seat. Role playing, the emphasis on the relevance. The aroma is based on a typically female tender and delicate note of a muguet. But in this composition a muguet loses it’s female nature. Surrounded by vetiver, fig, citrus fruits, lilac, wood and tobacco, it acquires a distinctive plastic artificial hint, at the same time maintaining its nature.